Contact Tracing

Contact tracing is used to prevent the spread of infectious disease. In general, contact tracing involves identifying people who have an infectious disease (cases) and people who they came in contact with (contacts) and working with them to interrupt disease spread. This includes asking people with COVID-19 to isolate and their contacts to quarantine at home voluntarily. This page is a resource for people with COVID-19 and their contacts.

You may have been exposed to COVID-19, and by monitoring for symptoms carefully twice a day, you can have an early warning that you might be getting sick. Monitoring also allows you and public health officials to know when they need to take precautions so you don’t infect others in your home or in the community.

The monitoring period is for 14 days because that is the longest interval between when someone is exposed and when they could develop symptoms. You can use the COVID-19 14-Day Symptom Monitoring Log to record your temperature and to indicate whether you have any of symptoms. For more information:

Testing is recommended for all close contacts. Visit AnchorageCOVIDtest.org to find free and safe testing at locations around the Municipality of Anchorage. For more information, click here.

People with COVID-19 should not return to work or other activities until cleared by public health. For more information:

For more information on the Municipality of Anchorage’s COVID-19 response, click here.