Community Resources

Find information for health insurance, food, shelter, employment, education and training.


Need help signing up for insurance? A United Way Insurance Navigator can help. Call 2-1-1 or visit their website here.

Enroll in Medicaid at Healthcare.gov.

Food & Nutrition

Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission          907-563-5603
2823 E Tudor Rd, Anchorage
Meals served Monday-Sunday 6:15-6:45am & 4:30-6:00pm. Must be able to pass breathalyzer.

Anchorage Northside SDA Church           907-278-6276
204 W 10
th Ave, Anchorage
Food pantry open Wednesdays 5:30-7:00pm.

Bean’s Café        907-433-8600
1101 E 3
rd Ave, Anchorage
Meals served 365 days/year: Monday-Friday 7:30-9:00am & 11:30am-1:00pm, Saturday-Sunday 9:00-10:00am & 11:30am-1:00pm. Meals provided to local community programs serving children before and after school and during the summer.

Centennial Village Mobile Food Pantry
9131 Centennial Dr, Anchorage
Food pantry open 3rd Wednesday of the month at 2:00pm

Chugiak/Eagle River Food Pantry                907-694-5228
12836 Old Glenn Hwy, Eagle River
Food pantry open 10am-1pm Mondays and Fridays, 5:30-7:30pm Tuesdays. Special food distribution in parking lot Saturday 1:00-2:00pm.

Church of the Nations
810 E 9
th Ave, Anchorage
Food pantry open Sundays 4:00-5:00pm.

Covenant House                         907-272-1255
755 A St, Anchorage
Food provided for homeless youth.

Division of Public Assistance: Food Stamps                907-269-6599
400 Gambell St, Anchorage
Call to learn about food stamps and eligibility.

Downtown Soup Kitchen Hope Center                907-277-4302
240 E 3rd Ave, Anchorage
Soup kitchen open Monday-Friday 12:00-1:30pm, Feed Me Hope Bakery and Culinary School vocational training programs.                

Fairview Rec Center Mobile Food Pantry
1121 E 10th Ave, Anchorage
Food pantry open 2nd and 3rd Saturday of the month at 2:00pm.

First CME Church Mobile Food Pantry
3600 MacInnes St, Anchorage
Food pantry open 1st and 4th Saturday of the month at 2:00pm.

Friends in Serving Humanity (F.I.S.H.)            907-277-0818
Call the F.I.S.H. line for food assistance, food will be bought, packaged, and delivered directly. Can be used only once per month.

Harvest Christian Fellowship                907-694-9395
17108 Hansen Dr, Eagle River (*for Chugiak/Eagle River residents only)
Food pantry open Tuesday-Thursday 10:00am-2:00pm & Saturday 10:30am-12:30pm.                                   

Jewel Lake Church of the Nazarene Mobile Food Pantry
4025 W 88th Ave, Anchorage
Food pantry open Saturdays at 10:00am.

Latino Lions                     907-561-3680
4233 Mountain View Dr, Anchorage
Food pantry open 3rd Saturday of the month 10:00am-1:00pm.

Lutheran Church of Hope Mobile Food Pantry
1847 W Northern Lights Blvd, Anchorage
Food pantry open Tuesdays at 5:00pm.

Lutheran Social Services            907-272-0643 x14
1303 W 33rd Ave, Anchorage
Food pantry open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 1:00-4:00pm & Wednesday 4:00-7:00pm. Can only be used once per month.

Mountain View Mobile Food Pantry
333 N Price St, Anchorage
Food pantry open Fridays at 5:00pm.

Muldoon Community Assembly Mobile Food Pantry
1005 Ermine Rd, Anchorage
Food pantry open Wednesdays at 9:30am.

Muni Women, Infants, & Children program
 825 L St. Suite 204: 907-343-4668
4320 Diplomacy Dr, Alaska Native Medical Center: 907-343-4440
9497 20th St, Arctic Oasis Building JBER Military Base: 907-343-4430
12001 Business Blvd. Suite 137, Eagle River: 907-343-1520

Clinics are open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9:15am-5:15pm, Wednesday 1:00-5:15pm (closed Monday-Friday from 1:00-1:30pm).

New Hope on the Last Frontier                  907-274-4673
1220 E St, Anchorage
Food pantry open Tuesdays 10:30am-1:00pm.

Open Door Mission                          907-677-3630
2600 E 16
th Ave, Anchorage
Food pantry open Tuesdays 3:30-6:00pm.

Salvation Army Family Emergency Services                       907-277-2593
1712 A St, Anchorage
Food pantry open Tuesday-Friday 1:30-4:30pm.

Sonrise Community Church
300 N Bragaw St, Anchorage
Meal served Sundays 11:00am, food pantry open 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month at 11:00am. Must come at 11:00am and sign up.

St. Francis House Food Pantry
3710 E 20th Ave, Anchorage
Food pantry open Monday-Thursday 9:00am-1:00pm and 4th Wednesday of the month 4:00-6:30pm.


Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission 907-563-5603
2823 Tudor Rd, Anchorage
Shelter for single men and women, faith-based recovery program for men, six month shelter accommodation for women returning to the workforce or transitioning to permanent housing.

Abused Women’s Aid in Crisis (AWAIC) 907-279-9581
100 W 13th Ave, Anchorage
Shelter and support for victims of domestic violence.

Bean’s Café Day Shelter 907-433-8600
1101 E 3rd Ave, Anchorage
Day shelter for homeless individuals.

Brother Francis Shelter          907-277-1731
1021 E 3
rd Ave, Anchorage
Shelter for single men and women.

Clare House          907-563-4545
4110 Spenard Rd, Anchorage
Shelter for pregnant women and women with children.

Covenant House                      907-272-1255
755 A St, Anchorage
Shelter and other supportive services for homeless youth.

Hope Center                 907-277-4302
240 E 3rd Ave, Anchorage
Women’s cold weather shelter, dinner provided.

Salvation Army McKinnell House                  907-276-1609
1712 A St, Anchorage
Shelter for families with children.

Willa’s Way           907-729-6300
4501 Diplomacy Dr, Anchorage
Shelter and other services for Alaska Native women and children victims of domestic violence.

Employment, Education & Training

Access Alaska                                                                                 907-248-4777
1217 E 10th Ave, Anchorage
Independent living skills training and acquired traumatic brain injury case management. Individuals with any type of physical or mental impairment that significantly impacts their ability to live independently in the home and community are eligible for services. Information and referral services are available to anyone.

Adult Learning Center                                                   907-375-6000
2518 E Tudor Rd Suite 109, Anchorage
High school diploma courses, exam tutoring, computer training, English as a second language classes, naturalization classes, Spanish classes, parenting courses.

Alaska Center for the Blind                                                                        907-248-7770
3903 Taft Dr, Anchorage
Vocational services and worksite evaluations, orientation and mobility training, assistive technology training, manual skills, the Bright Path Program for youth ages 15-22. Alaskans who are blind or visually impaired are eligible for services and training.

Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education                        907-269-7980
Dimond Mall, 800 E Dimond Blvd, Anchorage
Education planning tools and resources, financial aid for college and career training, one-on-one coaching and group workshops with a college and career specialist. The Success Center in the Dimond Mall is open for walk-ins Monday-Thursday 12:00-4:30pm.

Alaska Department of Labor & Workforce Development
See job postings in Alaska, post a job, get education and training, and receive information on the labor market.

Alaska Department of Labor & Workforce Development Vocational Technical Center
Training in a variety of technical and business skills. For a list of programs and application information, visit the website.

Alaska Job Center                                                                      907-269-4759
3301 Eagle St. Suite 101 / 120 Bragaw St. / 1251 Muldoon Rd.
Workshops on employment after incarceration, interviewing strategies, resume writing, federal applications, computer skills.

Alaska Works Partnership                                       907-756-4711
161 Klevin St, Anchorage
Training in construction job skills, including trainings for women and transitioning active-duty military members. For course listings and applications visit the website: www.alaskaworks.org.

Anchorage Literacy Program                                                          907-337-1981
1345 Rudakof Circle Suite 104, Anchorage
Literacy classes for adults and families with young children.

Assets, Inc.                                                                  907-279-6617
2330 Nichols St, Anchorage
Supported living services and employment for adults with disabilities.

Cook Inlet Tribal Council Career Development Center                 907-793-3300
3600 San Jeronimo Dr, Anchorage
Walk-in resource center for Alaska Native people seeking employment or training opportunities. Job search assistance, career assessment, workshops, computers with internet access. Open Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm.

Covenant House                                                                   907-272-1255
755 A St, Anchorage
Career counseling, vocational referrals, internship opportunities, transportation assistance, job search and education workshops, resume and cover letter building, professional clothing provision, employment and college referrals, life skills training. Youth ages 16-24 are eligible for services.

Goodwill C Street Job Connections Center                                         907-258-0010
610 C St, Anchorage
Work with a jobs connections coordinator to identify work skills, experience and interests in order to provide job leads in the community. Assistance with application and interview process, access to computers and other office equipment.

Job Shop at Loussac Library                                                                   907-343-2975
3600 Denali St, Anchorage
Homework and testing help, financial aid planning, workforce development resources, skills trainings, assistance filing for unemployment, resume writing. Resources for employment after incarceration, for immigrants and refugees, seniors, and youth. Job Shop is open on Wednesdays 2:00-5:00pm.

Nine Star                                                                                            907-279-7827
730 I St, Anchorage
Youth employment services, work services case management, job search assistance, professional development, career advising, GED preparation, English as a second language classes, technology and skills training, placement testing, food budgeting.

Parachutes              907-562-2932
5520 Lake Otis Pkwy. #102, Anchorage
High school completion assistance, job training program, tutoring, tax filing assistance for youth and teens. Youth ages 13-18 can be in the youth center Tuesday-Friday 2:30-8:00pm and Saturday 2:30-7:00pm.

Partners for Progress                                             907-272-1192
417 Barrow St, Anchorage
Support groups, life skills training, goal setting, mentoring, job readiness training, budgeting and money management classes for recently incarcerated individuals. Also provide short-term housing, bus passes and food assistance.

Southcentral Foundation RAISE Program                     907-729-5015
4175 Tudor Center Dr. Suite 105, Anchorage
Summer, winter and graduate program sessions in health-related careers and workplace skills development for Alaska Native and American Indian youth ages 14-19.