Lead Testing Clinic

Screening for lead is recommended for children six years old and younger and for anyone who may be exposed to lead in their home or work. An appointment will include a risk assessment and test results should take about 15 minutes to receive.

Who needs to be tested:

  • Routine screening between 9-12 months of age for babies (part of Well-Baby exams)
  • All children enrolled in Medicaid are required to be tested between 12-24 months of age
  • Children less than 6 years old are at a higher risk of lead exposure, due to rapid growth and children’s tendency to put things in their mouth as a way to learn about the world around them
  • People who are pregnant
  • Anyone who suspects they might have been exposed to lead

Call 907-343-4799 to schedule an appointment.

Lead Testing Clinic Hours:

  • Wednesday: 9am – 3pm